wrapping machine

A wrapping machine and pallletizer is an automatic or semiautomatic machine used in the stretch wrapping or pallet wrapping.

In the past five years, as the growing demand, Wrapping Machine industry developed stably. Around the world, North America, Western Europe and Asia/Pacific are the major production region, as well as the consumption field.

Wrapping machine is an automatic or s emi-automatic machine used to large bag articles (such as flour,sugar and cement), as well as aid in palletizing across industries. The report covers only secondary wrapping of large bundled products using stretch and shrink wrapping equipment. A single pallet wrapping can hold as much as the many packs of  bags. The price of stretch and shrink films is another key contributing factor aiding the growth of this market. The raw materials used for stretch and shrink wrapping are stretch and shrink films, which are cheaper compared with the raw materials used for other forms of wrapping.”

the global Wrapping Equipment market to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% during the period 2017-2021.

Market Driver Demand for technology upgrade and robotics in wrapping equipment and palletizer.

Market Challenge Economies of scale for small vendors.

Sugar packing machine/automatic packing machine/Telescopic chute/Urea packing machine/Robot palletizer

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