Telescopic chute



MJG series bulk materials telescopic chute, truck loading tube is designed and made as per international standard. It adopts European famous brand reducer, anti-exposure control cabin and could work reliable in high dust environment. This equipment is made with many good features including novel structure, high automated, high efficiency, lower working intensity, and dust-proof, environmental protection, etc. It’s widely used in grain, cement and other large bulk materials loading and unloading. It’s suitable for bulk materials train, truck loading, vessel loading and others.

For MJG telescopic chute, single unit’s normal working capacity is 50t/h-500t/h. And users must provide the required telescopic chute length.

This telescopic chute is widely used in grain,cement,fertilizer and other large bulk materials train, truck, vessel loading and unloading. capacity is 50t/h-500t/h.

. Intelligent material level sensor, tracing material’s automatic lifting.
. manual-automatic operation.
. high reliable control system
. telescopic chute length adjustable, less installation space.
. Weight: about 350kg

Typical Case



Technical Parameters             

Capacity: bulk materials:100-2000tons/hour
Length can be telescopic customized
W(control motor power)= customized
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 110-415V
Power: 2.2kw

  1. Knife cloth(waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, acid and alkali corrosion)
  2. Anti-static cloth

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