We would like to sincerely thank more than 526 customers that generously gave their time to participate in our customer satisfaction survey, providing us with constructive feedback on our automatic bagging machine Client Services.
We are proud to announce that 95% of our customers are more than satisfied with our Client Services, in three separate categories: automatic bagging machine phone support, on-site support and spare parts. In comparison, PMMI’s 2011 End User Service Expectations Report revealed that 62% of their study respondents are satisfied with the quality of bag packing machine service from North American OEMs.
Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for the M&J Client Services team. As stated in our WE CARE Guarantee, we truly believe our customers are the reason we exist and it is our privilege to serve them. Always aiming to improve and provide the best customer service possible, we decided to conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey. As a result, we have been able to measure how we are doing and to learn what we can improve to better serve our customers. We understand that expectations have been raised; however, our customers can rest assured that we are taking all of their comments into consideration and are developing and implementing an action plan to improve satisfaction across the board.

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