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2019 budget must promote local capacity for seed packing machine -Ghana

Peasants farmers, speaking through their umbrella organisation, Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), have made three key contributions into the upcoming 2019 budget statement.bulgur wheat packing machinem,seed packing machine

The farmers want the Finance Ministry to ensure that the next budget statement will promote local capacity for input production, facilitate access to appropriate farm machinery and tackle post-harvest losses of farm produce.

“PFAG proposes that there should be an increased public investment in the seed sector for Ghanaian seed growers to increase their seed production. This will create more jobs, increase crop productivity and contribute to achieving the vision of “Ghana beyond aid”.

“The focus, for now, should be on the increasing support for the development of foundation seeds and certified seeds for the open-pollinated seeds and hybrid seeds. We propose that in budgeting for the Planting for Food and Jobs programme next year, the substantial allocation should be reserved for the support and promotion of the local seed industry,” the farmers said. Access to appropriate farm machinery

Another major challenge that farmers face, is the unavailability of appropriate mechanization that addresses the needs of seed packing machine farmers. These include small harvesters, planters, power tillers and “motor kings” etc. Since 2007, the Government has been providing subsidized agricultural machines to individual farmers and private enterprises known as Agricultural Mechanization Services Centers (AMSECs) to offer tractor-hire services to small-scale farmers. The focus has been on tractors. However, this model rather benefitted few businessmen and large-scale farmers. These individuals purchased the subsidized tractors and hire them at commercial rates to the seed packing machine farmers and defeating the purpose of the subsidies.

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